I need to feel loved. Like I’m irreplaceable and special and beautiful. I need to know that there’s someone by my side who cares about me no matter what. I need the cuddles and affection. I need to be loved :(

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No princess here

I guess I don’t need to be treated like a princess right? It’s fine to just be an ordinary girl in his eyes who has to earn the things she gets by not wanting them or hoping for them. It’d be nice to have someone who loved you so much that they’d lasso the moon for you but I guess that’s not very realistic. I don’t deserve nice surprises just bc I’m a girl. If I got a promotion at work, sure to him that deserves something. But to just be me? To just care for him day in and day out and be by his side when he has a bad day? That doesn’t deserve more than anything else.

I wish I could be someone princess. All those rap songs talking about how their main girl gets it all bc she’s by his side? I want that. Even if he can’t afford to give me anything that’s fine…as long as I know he’d give me the moon if he could, I’d take it.

I dunno…random midnight sad ramblings.

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Never be with someone who doesn’t trust you. You deserve better than that.

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It wasn’t meant to be funny. It was just sadness.

I just want to be someone’s “that girl” :/
The more I try to crack the ice the harder the hammer bounces back at me.

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